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Robin Hood torrent Description:

The untold story of why Robin Hood turned into a fugitive in any case gives a sufficient reason to this new 2010 form of the motion picture. It appears he was Robin Longstride, a bowman in King Richard the Lionheart's armed force, who acts like the dead child of Nottingham's Sir Walter Loxely thus needs to claim to be hitched to the dowager, Marion. 

Genre: Adventure
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Johnny English Strikes Again torrent Description:

It is justifiable to accept that the one-two-three punch of the "Austin Powers" set of three would be the last word on the class of spy comedies. All things considered, what of intrigue could be said on the point that wasn't at that point depleted by Mike Myers' loopy, parody charged hijinks? Obviously, nothing. 

Genre: Adventure
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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald torrent Description:

Harry Potter dependably has been a reactionary children's story: a minority class of individuals is viewed as inalienably better than every other person, in a view that isn't once addressed or even intentionally recognized anytime in seven books and eight movies. 

Genre: Adventure
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Aquaman torrent Description:

Disregard the artistic birthplaces of this sword-and-divination epic-since Arnold Schwarzenegger deified the character on the extra large screen in John Milius' faction great in 1982, the warrior from the old place where there is Cimmeria has secured its place in popular culture as an image of unadulterated liberated manliness.

Genre: Adventure
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The Mummy torrent Description:

Nick Morton is a soldier of fortune who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder. When Nick and his partner come under attack in the Middle East, the ensuing battle accidentally unearths Ahmanet, a betrayed Egyptian princess who was entombed under the desert for thousands of years. With her powers constantly evolving, Morton must now stop the resurrected monster as she embarks on a furious rampage through the streets of London.

Genre: Adventure
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Power Rangers torrent Description:

Five conventional teenagers must move toward becoming something phenomenal when they discover that their residential community of Angel Grove - and the world - is very nearly being crushed by an outsider danger. Picked by predetermination, our legends rapidly find they are the main ones who can spare the planet. Yet, to do as such, they should beat their genuine issues and before it's past the point of no return, unite as one as the Power Rangers.

Genre: Adventure
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Kong Skull Island torrent Description:

In 1944, amid World War II, two military pilots—one American and the other Japanese—parachute onto an island in the South Pacific after a dogfight. They both take part in close battle, with the Japanese pilot picking up the high ground. A huge behemoth beast all of a sudden intrudes on the battle, bringing on both troopers to escape.

Genre: Adventure
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Allegiant torrent Description:

Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton wander into the world outside of the fence and are taken into defensive authority by a puzzling office known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.

Genre: Adventure
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The Lost City of Z torrent Description:

At the beginning of the twentieth century, British pilgrim Percy Fawcett ventures into the Amazon, where he finds proof of a formerly obscure, propelled human advancement that may have once occupied the district. Regardless of being mocked by the logical foundation, which sees indigenous populaces as savages, the decided Fawcett, bolstered by his dedicated spouse, child, and confidant, comes back to his darling wilderness trying to demonstrate his case.

Genre: Adventure
Viewed: 1878 | Downloaded: 765

The Space Between Us torrent Description:

Set sooner rather than later, a space explorer positioned on Mars finds she is pregnant, passing on in labor. Her child, Gardner Elliot, lives on the planet his entire life, yet in the end shapes a fellowship online with a young lady from Earth named Tulsa. When he turns 16, he is allowed to go to the Earth and meet her, yet it is soon found that his organs can't survive Earth's gravity. 

Genre: Adventure
Viewed: 655 | Downloaded: 161

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