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Movie Bridget Jones's Baby you can download, torrent or magnet on our YTD website. This 2016 Romance film is 720p video resulotion with IMDb 6.7 rate. Look down for how to download Bridget Jones's Baby torrent movie.

Bridget Jones's Baby movie torrent

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On her 43rd birthday, Bridget Jones is awoken by her mom who advises her that her an opportunity to have youngsters is running out. She goes to go to the burial service of Daniel Cleaver, who is assumed dead after a plane crash. While there she sees her ex, Mark Darcy, and his new spouse. They chance upon each other fairly fumblingly and afterward go their different ways.

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IMDb: 6.7/10 (1290) | Genre : Romance | Resolution : 720p | Language : English | Quality : WEB-DL | Release year : 2016 | Size : 1.07 GB

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Bridget now fills in as a TV maker and is dear companions with the stay of the show she runs, Miranda, who offers to take her out for her birthday. Bridget turns down her offer to invest energy with her old gathering of companions, yet is sorrowful when they wipe out on her because of duties to their youngsters. Choosing to commend her single life Bridget acknowledges Miranda's offer to take her away for the end of the week. They go to a music celebration where Miranda provokes her to lay down with the principal man she meets. Falling in the mud, Bridget is assisted by an arbitrary outsider. In the wake of going to an Ed Sheeran show an inebriated Bridget slithers into a yurt she supposes has a place with her and Miranda, however really has a place with the attractive more bizarre she met before. The two engage in sexual relations and in the morning Bridget makes her escape. The more abnormal returns baffled that she is no more. 

Returning home Bridget goes to the dedicating of Jude's most youthful kid where she is the back up parent and Mark has been requested that be the adoptive parent. Check advises her that he and his better half are anticipating separating and Bridget has intercourse with him. At the point when Mark uncovers he is venturing to every part of the following day Bridget is reminded that he had dependably put work before their relationship and leaves in the morning before he awakens, deserting a note letting him know that reconnecting with him is excessively excruciating. 

Bridget finds that she is putting on weight. Shazza proposes that Bridget may be pregnant, particularly when she understands that Bridget utilized old, lapsed condoms while engaging in sexual relations. Taking a pregnancy test at work, Bridget affirms she is pregnant and concludes that she needs to keep the infant as it is her last opportunity to have a tyke. After a visit to the obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Rawlings, she understands that she doesn't know who the father is and doesn't have a method for reaching Jack, the great looking outsider. However Miranda spies him on TV where they understand that Jack Qwant is a very rich person and the innovator of a dating site that has a calculation to match couples together. Miranda schemes with Bridget to have Jack on the show to take hair tests so Bridget will have the capacity to test it against the DNA of her child to either affirm or dispose of Jack as the father. At the taping the hair and cosmetics craftsman can capture tests of Jack's hair for Bridget yet Jack perceives Bridget and she chooses to let him know that she is pregnant and lets him know he is the father, without saying Mark Darcy. At first shocked chooses to devote himself completely to the part of supporting Bridget. 

Feeling things are running too rapidly with Jack, Bridget chooses to go ahead and tell Mark. However Mark is so excited at the news that he is going to be a father that Bridget does not enlighten him regarding Jack. Bridget likewise chooses not to go ahead with testing the DNA while her youngster is still in the womb as she is frightened by the likelihood that she may lose. She convinces Dr. Rawlings to experience arrangements twice, once with Jack and some other time with Mark. 

Bridget welcomes Jack to a work occasion and is startled when Mark appears too. The two men promptly fancy each other, finding alternate's achievements amazing. They go out to supper where Bridget at last confesses all and lets them know that she is uncertain who the father is. Jack takes the news well, telling Bridget that the kid is the need. Stamp Darcy is vexed and leaves the eatery. 

At a risk natal class, Jack arrives sooner than required and Bridget is satisfied when Mark appears also. Jack and Mark are mixed up for a gay couple with Bridget as their surrogate, much to Mark's distress and Jack's diversion. Check is likewise envious at the simple affinity that Jack has with Bridget and his glow in dealing with her. 

Bridget encounters spasms and goes to the healing facility, bringing Jack with her as she can't achieve Mark. At the point when finally Mark arrives he is disturbed to see the two giggling together and grasping. Stamp and Jack battle and Bridget sends them out of the room. Outside Jack suggests that he and Bridget had intercourse without condoms making Mark understand that he is less inclined to be the father. He leaves by and by. 

Bridget keeps on get ready for the entry of her child, now with just Jack close by. They have an examination where he requests that her turn in with him and admits that life for him is desolate. Bridget asks him what will happen if Mark is the father and he advises her he should re-assess their relationship if that is the situation. He additionally admits that the reason Mark has been missing is on account of Jack vigorously inferred that Mark was probably not going to be the father. A furious Bridget goes to converse with Mark, however observes his significant other touching base at his home and chooses to leave him alone. 

At 9 months, Bridget is let go from her occupation because of stirring up her visitor with his driver. Unemployed, depleted, and hungry, she goes out shopping however has her card eaten by a cashpoint and keeps herself out of the bank campaign, abandoning her keys and her nourishment inside. At the point when nobody hums her up to her building she remains outside in the rain feeling hopeless. Check arrives and softens up for her. He educates her that he and his significant other are proceeding with their separation and she was just there to get the remainder of her things. Similarly as they are going to kiss Bridget's waters break. At the point when his telephone rings for work he tosses it out the window in a sentimental signal which abandons them without a way to call transport to the healing facility. They enroll the assistance of a neighborhood eatery to get them to healing center yet a car influx because of dissents drives them to walk. Overwhelmed by withdrawals Bridget can't walk and Mark offers to convey her, however nearly crumples. Jack arrives in the nick of time and both of them get Bridget to the healing facility. 

Amid work both Mark and Jack attempt to help Bridget. However amid work Bridget incidentally punches Jack in the nose. She likewise reaches to Mark for solace and he consoles her that she can get past work and he will love her regardless of whether the kid is his or not, while supporting a horrifying chomp to the wrist by Bridget. While Jack and Mark hold up outside, Jack apologizes to Mark for his conduct and Mark acknowledges. At that point Bridget brings forth a kid and the greater part of Bridget's companions and relatives come to visit her in the conveyance room. Then Dr. Rawlings has both men accompany her to play out the DNA test. Subsequent to having fortified throughout the previous 9 months Mark and Jack every desire each other luckiness. 

After a year Bridget gets ready to be hitched. At the holy place she is welcomed by Jack, holding her child, and afterward pushes ahead to wed Mark Darcy. After the wedding Mark and Jack, now companions, go to the gathering together, while Bridget conveys her and Mark's child, William. 

A daily paper lying on a seat uncovers that Daniel Cleaver has been discovered alive in the forested areas in the destruction of the plane. 

In a post-credit scene. A Christmas photo indicates Bridget, Mark and William wearing a gathering of reindeer jumpers worn by Mark in the main film.

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