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The Girl on the Train torrent

Movie The Girl on the Train you can download, torrent or magnet on our YTD website. This 2016 Drama film is 1080p video resulotion with IMDb 6.5 rate. Look down for how to download The Girl on the Train torrent movie.

The Girl on the Train movie torrent

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Rachel, crushed by her current separation, spends her day by day drive fantasizing about the apparently consummate couple who live in a house that her prepare passes each day, until one morning she witnesses something stunning there and gets to be distinctly entrapped in the riddle that unfurls. In light of Paula Hawkins' top of the line novel.

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IMDb: 6.5/10 (591) | Genre : Drama | Resolution : 1080p | Language : English | Quality : BRRip | Release year : 2016 | Size : 1.60 GB

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Rachel Watson is a heavy drinker who imparts a condo to her companion Cathy and spends her days driving heedlessly on a prepare in the wake of losing her employment. From the prepare she watches the exercises of her previous spouse, Tom Watson, his new wife, Anna Boyd, and a couple who live close-by, Scott and Megan Hipwell, whom she sees as the perfect couple. 

Amid her marriage, having neglected to wind up distinctly pregnant, Rachel got to be distinctly inclined to liquor prompted power outages amid which she occupied with self-ruinous conduct, including an event where she brought about a scene at the home of her significant other's supervisor and his better half Martha, prompting to Tom being let go. She keeps on watching Tom, Anna, and their infant little girl Evie, creating both Tom and Anna to caution her off. 

Amid one prepare travel, Rachel spots Megan kissing an outsider on her overhang and gets to be distinctly maddened by what she sees as Megan's destroying her "ideal" marriage. After a drinking orgy, Rachel leaves the prepare to go up against Megan, just to pass out and stir hours after the fact at her loft, harmed. Rachel later discovers that Megan is missing, and is addressed by Detective Sergeant Riley, who presumes Rachel may be included because of her current unpredictable conduct and her nearness in the area on the night of Megan's vanishing. Rachel presumes a kindred traveler of taking after her off the prepare and sees him in flashbacks to that night however can't sort her recollections out. 

Hearing that Scott is requesting that the general population help him discover his significant other, Rachel goes to see him, claiming to be a companion of Megan's, and educates him regarding Megan's affair. From a photo, she distinguishes Dr Kamal Abdic. In one of her last sessions, she discloses to him that she had a child when in her youngsters, which she coincidentally suffocated in the shower. 

Trusting Abdic to be the way to Megan's vanishing, Rachel plans a meeting with him, uncovering the historical backdrop of her marriage and liquor addiction. Afterward, at a bar, she perceives the man who took after her from the prepare, and stands up to him. He claims to have discovered Rachel lying in a passage on his course home; he attempted to help her up, yet she dismisses his offer assistance. Rachel comes back to the passage and saw Megan yelling at her before she was harmed. 

Then, Anna gets to be distinctly suspicious of Tom after Sgt. Riley recommends that he is empowering Rachel's conduct by staying in contact with her. Anna endeavors to hack into Tom's PC, and in the process she finds a mystery telephone with a few voice messages to another lady Tom is having an unsanctioned romance with. 

Megan is discovered dead and legal sciences decide she was pregnant, yet the kid was nor Scott's nor Abdic's. Scott goes up against Rachel, in the process uncovering that he ambushed Megan preceding her demise. Rachel sees Martha on the prepare and apologizes for her past conduct, however her memory of the event does not match Martha's adaptation; Martha reveals to her that Tom was terminated for having sexual relations with collaborators. Rachel understands that Tom planted false recollections in her mind on a few events taking after a drinking orgy. 

Anna discovers that Tom was trading telephone calls with Megan. Rachel understands that Megan had trusting in Kamal about her pregnancy, prompting to their experience on the overhang. Subsequent to leaving the prepare that day, Rachel discovered Tom meeting Megan and yelled at her, mixing up her for Anna. Tom assaulted Rachel before coming back to Megan, who educated him regarding the infant and declined to get a fetus removal. Expecting that their issue would be uncovered, Tom killed Megan. 

Rachel goes to Tom's home to caution Anna, who uncovers that she definitely thinks about the issue. Tom arrives and Rachel stands up to him. As Tom and Rachel contend, Anna uncovers that she had discovered Megan's telephone. Tom then completes Evie of the room; a frightful Anna argues for him to give her the infant while Rachel tries to dial 911. Tom thumps Rachel oblivious; when she comes round, Tom undermines her once more, and tries to choke her, viewed by Anna from the highest point of the stairs. Rachel keeps running from the house, getting a corkscrew on out. Tom gets up to speed with her in the garden, and she cuts him in the neck with the corkscrew as Anna watches from the window. Anna arrives and pushes the corkscrew further into Tom's neck, completing him off. 

Rachel and Anna are both captured, and independently affirm to the police that Rachel executed Tom in self-preservation, after he uncovered himself to be Megan's executioner. Anna tells the wary analyst that Rachel was appropriate about everything. 

After one year, a calmed down Rachel is driving to her new employment on a similar prepare. She now sits on the inverse side in an alternate auto, abandoning her old neighborhood previously.

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