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Movie The Handmaiden you can download, torrent or magnet on our YTD website. This 2016 Drama film is 720p video resulotion with IMDb 8.1 rate. Look down for how to download The Handmaiden torrent movie.

The Handmaiden movie torrent

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With assistance from a stranded pickpocket, a Korean swindler devises a detailed plot to lure and bilk a Japanese lady out of her legacy.

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IMDb: 8.1/10 (744) | Genre : Drama | Resolution : 720p | Language : English | Quality : BRRip | Release year : 2016 | Size : 873 MB

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In Japanese-involved Korea, a conman working under the sobriquet of "Check Fujiwara" employs a pickpocket named Sook-Hee from a group of rascals to wind up distinctly the house keeper of the secretive Japanese beneficiary Lady Hideko, whom Fujiwara arrangements to wed and to focus on a shelter with a specific end goal to take her legacy. Sook-Hee, going up against the name "Tamako", enters Hideko's family unit, which is controlled by her dictator Uncle Kouzuki. Hideko is spooky by the suicide of her close relative, and cases to hear her voice around evening time. As Sook-Hee and Hideko hang out, they seem to get along well, Hideko permitting Sook-Hee to wear her dresses and gems. Hideko is likewise on edge about wedding Fujiwara, her affections for him not extremely solid, but rather Sook-Hee makes energetic love to her, promising her similar joys with her new spouse. Sook-Hee starts communicating hesitance about finishing the arrangement, despondent over the faked fascination Fujiwara has for Hideko. Hideko herself feels that she can't proceed with the marriage, however Sook-Hee demands she do as such, making Hideko slap her and flee in disappointment. Kouzuki leaves on business for seven days, reminding Hideko to "not disregard the storm cellar." Hideko and Fujiwara steal away soon a short time later and perfect their marriage, as showed by a little blood recolor on Hideko's sheets the next morning. In the wake of getting the money for out Hideko's legacy, Sook-Hee, Hideko, and Fujiwara go to the shelter, however Sook-Hee is taken away by the staff, having been informed that she is in reality Hideko. In the wake of being left with one bit of adornments by Hideko, Sook-Hee curses them as she is diverted. 

As a youthful tyke, Hideko is instructed to peruse by her close relative, however any blunders, botches, or any sentiments of levity from both of them results in extreme physical discipline from Kouzuki. Kouzuki houses a monstrous library of old fashioned erotica, which he powers Hideko's close relative to peruse for distinguished visitors, which is then unloaded to them. Not able to deal with the manhandle, Hideko's auntie hangs herself from a tree in their yard. Be that as it may, Kouzuki takes Hideko into his storm cellar, where he intensely infers he killed her close relative after she had endeavored to flee. As Hideko develops more seasoned, she peruses the books in her auntie's place. She gets the attention of Fujiwara, who acts like a workmanship counterfeiter that Kouzuki contracts to reproduce missing craftsmanship from his books. He then meets with Hideko in private, offering her an escape from her oppressive life. He illuminates her of his arrangement: locate a poor, unskilled Korean young lady to act like her handmaiden that will indiscriminately help the two in wedding, and once they've guaranteed the legacy, she will confer the handmaiden in Hideko's place and live under her personality. 

Hideko is at first complicit in the arrangements, yet discovers her affections for Sook-Hee developing after some time. On the night Sook-Hee has intercourse to Hideko under the appearance of reinforcing her affections for Fujiwara, the two turn out to be progressively more private, understanding their intimate romance for each other. Hideko separates and regrets that she can't wed Fujiwara, however Sook-Hee reveals to her she should. Torn between her escape and her adoration for Sook-Hee, she endeavors to hang herself from a similar tree her auntie swung from, however is spared by Sook-Hee, who mournfully admits her culpability in attempting to submit Hideko and take her legacy, with Hideko conceding her arrangement to confer her in her place. The two promise to get exact retribution on both Kouzuki and Fujiwara, however not before going into Kouzuki's library and devastating each book in his ownership before they leave for the marriage. On Hideko's wedding night, she cuts her hand on a blade and stains her own particular sheets, declining to lay down with Fujiwara. 

Over supper, Fujiwara fantasizes over his riches and new existence with Hideko. In the interim, Sook-Hee figures out how to get away from the refuge by picking the bolt to her prop utilizing the adornments Hideko gave her and leaving under the front of a little fire. That night, at a lodging, Fujiwara endeavors to constrain himself onto Hideko, however Hideko figures out how to thump him out with a solid sedative he gave her as a method for easy suicide were their arrangement to fall flat. Sook-Hee and Hideko rejoin at the lodging and leave quickly, enrolling her extortionist family to fashion travel papers and leave the nation with Hideko, regardless of Kouzuki's endeavors to keep them in the nation through his impact. 

Kouzuki in the long run discovers Fujiwara and takes him back to his bequest, tormenting Fujiwara in his basement with his gathering of antique bookmaking devices and presses him for sexual insights about his niece, which a sickened Fujiwara declines to give him. He then traps Kouzuki into lighting him a few cigarettes bound with mercury, the harmful gas inside the smoke slaughtering them both. On a ship to Shanghai, China, Sook-Hee and Hideko commend their freshly discovered flexibility.

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