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Halloween torrent Description:

After his tumble from the second story rail in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, Michael Myers smashes the throat of the going to paramedic and accept his personality, and it's that poor oblivious schnook who's at last decapitated by Laurie Strode at the film's end. 

Genre: Horror
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The Predator torrent Description:

A gathering of hired fighters and executioners end up being parachuted into a remote tropical wilderness. Before long understanding that they are not on Earth any longer, the gathering end up being chased for don by an outsider types of seekers and must unite as one to survive. 

Genre: Horror
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From a House on Willow Street torrent Description:

Frantic culprits steal a young lady from a rich family and hold her for payoff. What the group doesn't understand is that her spirit is controlled by an evil compel that is going to turn the tables on them.

Genre: Horror
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The Belko Experiment torrent Description:

A common day at the workplace turns into a horrendous mission for survival when 80 representatives at the Belko Corp. in Bogotá, Colombia, discover that they are pawns in a savage diversion. Caught inside their building, a voice over a radio tells the panicked staff members that two laborers must be killed inside 30 minutes. At the point when another final offer takes after, companions get to be foes and new partnerships come to fruition, as just the most grounded will stay alive toward the end.

Genre: Horror
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Don't Hang Up torrent Description:

Taking after a long custom of presumptuous young men with an excess of time staring them in the face, Brady, Sam and Mosley get a kick out of the chance to divert themselves by making trick calls. Be that as it may, their cell redirections are strengthened by the extraordinary way of the tricks they put their clueless casualties through, and the joy and consolation they get when they post recordings of their hijinks online for most extreme embarrassment.

Genre: Horror
Viewed: 1541 | Downloaded: 534

Train To Busan torrent Description:

Train to Busan is a nerve racking zombie ghastliness thriller that takes after a gathering of unnerved travelers battling their way through a countrywide viral episode while caught on a doubt filled, blood-splashed slug prepare ride to Busan, a southern resort city that has figured out how to hold off the zombie swarms or so everybody trusts.

Genre: Horror
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Get Out torrent Description:

Since Chris and his better half, Rose, have achieved the meet-the-guardians point of reference of dating, she welcomes him for an end of the week getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At to begin with, Chris peruses the family's excessively obliging conduct as anxious endeavors to manage their girl's interracial relationship, yet as the end of the week advances, a progression of progressively irritating disclosures lead him to a truth that he never could have envisioned.

Genre: Horror
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Rings torrent Description:

A young lady gets to be distinctly stressed over her beau when he investigates a dull subculture encompassing a strange tape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has seen it. She gives up herself to spare her sweetheart and in doing as such makes a sickening disclosure: there is a motion picture inside the film that nobody has ever observed some time recently.

Genre: Horror
Viewed: 847 | Downloaded: 248

Ouija Origin of Evil torrent Description:

In 1967 Los Angeles, widowed mother Alice Zander unwittingly welcomes genuine insidiousness into her home by adding another trick to support her séance trick business. At the point when the barbarous soul overwhelms her most youthful little girl Doris, the little family must stand up to unbelievable apprehensions to spare her and send her owner back to the opposite side.

Genre: Horror
Viewed: 879 | Downloaded: 293

Blair Witch torrent Description:

A young fellow and his companions wander into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to reveal the secret encompassing his missing sister. Many trust her vanishing 17 years prior is associated with the legend of the Blair Witch. At first the gathering is confident, particularly when two local people go about as aides through the dull and winding woods.

Genre: Horror
Viewed: 841 | Downloaded: 262

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