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Movie IBoy you can download, torrent or magnet on our YTD website. This 2017 Action film is 720p video resulotion with IMDb 6.0 rate. Look down for how to download IBoy torrent movie.

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A young person wakes from a trance like state to find that parts from his broken cell phone have been inserted into his mind and transformed him into a realized application with super human forces.

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IMDb: 6.0/10 (777) | Genre : Action | Resolution : 720p | Language : English | Quality : WEBRip | Release year : 2017 | Size : 652 MB

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Living in a pack ridden a portion of London, adolescent kid Tom battles to get by with the assistance of his closest companion Danny who gets him another telephone and urges him to pursue his long-term companion Lucy who lives close-by. Lucy approaches Tom to help her review for exams to which he cheerfully concurs. Landing at her level that night, Tom sees Lucy's sibling oblivious and a gathering of conceal hooligans leaving Lucy's room, having assaulted her and recording the occasion. Tom escapes and endeavors to call the police, yet is shot in the head and rendered oblivious. 

Tom stirs days after the fact, with his specialist advising him that shrapnel from his telephone is installed in his mind. Soon thereafter, Tom starts to hear telephone transmissions and can imagine computerized signals. Utilizing his recently discovered capacities, Tom sorts out who had assaulted Lucy and starts to bring them down one by one. Then, Lucy has turned into a closed in with Tom her exclusive wellspring of trust as they appreciate a dinner together outside surprisingly since the episode. After a showdown, Tom's retaliation develops and he finds the individuals who gave the requests to hurt Lucy and strikes their pioneer's home; harming their hardware and taking their shrouded store of cocaine which Tom plants on the aggressors and tips the police off. 

Promoting his vigilantism, Tom embraces the nom de plume "iBoy," messaging Lucy that he will set things appropriate for her, posting his demonstrations on the web, and working his approach to take out more medications that are coming in. Amid another attack, Tom gets caught by the group and is beaten seriously yet scarcely figures out how to get away. He falters his direction home, yet goes out in a recreation center in transit, missing his exams and breaking a guarantee to Lucy. When he goes home, Tom's grandma is held at gunpoint and the wrongdoing supervisor he's been endeavoring to obstruct undermines him to give back the cash Tom stole in return for Lucy's and his grandma's security. Tom reluctantly concurs and starts to utilize his forces for both the wrongdoing manager and to track and help Lucy, who's been seized by the individuals who ambushed her some time recently. 

Tom is headed to the abducting site, where he could call the police, yet they were not able discover anything there. Lucy could make tracks in an opposite direction from the hijackers, however can't escape before Tom and the wrongdoing supervisor arrives. Despite the fact that his forces were decreased because of his beating, Tom can over-burden everybody's mobile phones to detonate, nonetheless, the wrongdoing supervisor discarded his and escapes outside. Tom endeavors to repress him with assistance from Lucy, yet both can't do as such until Tom unleashes a heartbeat from his cerebrum; thumping them two out. Tom stirs later in the doctor's facility with his grandma close by. 

Going home once more, Tom sees Danny, who needs to pay Tom back for what he did to him. Tom repels him, saying he never brought down the individual who recorded Lucy's assault, recommending it was Danny. Tom meets Lucy on the top of their building, who's made a cookout for both of them and they share a kiss while watching out to the horizon.

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