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Movie Moana you can download, torrent or magnet on our YTD website. This 2016 Animation film is 1080p video resulotion with IMDb 7.7 rate. Look down for how to download Moana torrent movie.

Moana movie torrent

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A clearing, CG-enlivened enterprise about a vivacious youngster who cruises out on a challenging mission to substantiate herself an ace wayfinder and satisfy her progenitors' unfinished journey. Amid her adventure, Moana meets the once-forceful demi-god Maui, and together, they cross the untamed sea on an activity stuffed voyage, experiencing colossal red hot animals and unimaginable chances.

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IMDb: 7.7/10 (8773) | Genre : Animation | Resolution : 1080p | Language : English | Quality : BRRip | Release year : 2016 | Size : 2.02 GB

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A little pounamu stone that is the magical heart of the goddess Te Fiti is stolen by the demigod Maui, who wanted to offer it to mankind as a blessing. As Maui made his escape, he was assaulted by the magma evil presence Te Kā, bringing about the heart to wind up distinctly lost in the sea alongside his otherworldly fishhook that permits him to change. 

A thousand years after the fact, youthful Moana Waialiki, little girl and beneficiary of a boss on the little Polynesian island of Motunui, is picked by the sea to get the heart. Her dad, Chief Tui, demands the island gives everything the villagers require. Be that as it may, years after the fact, angle turn out to be rare and the island's vegetation starts biting the dust. Moana proposes going past the reef to discover more fish. Tui rejects her demand, as cruising past the reef is taboo. 

Moana's grandma, Gramma Tala, indicates Moana a mystery buckle behind a waterfall, where an armada of outrigger cruising kayaks demonstrate that their predecessors were seafarers. Tala gives Moana the heart of Te Fiti, which she has remained careful for her granddaughter as far back as she was picked by the sea, and clarifies that the dimness unleashed by Maui's robbery is currently inching onto the island. 

Tala falls sick and with her diminishing breaths advises Moana to set sail. Moana and her pet chicken Heihei withdraw in a drua to discover Maui. A manta beam, Tala's rebirth, takes after. After a tropical storm wave flips her sailboat and thumps her oblivious, she stirs the following morning on an island possessed by Maui, who traps her in a surrender and takes her sailboat to scan for his fishhook. In the wake of getting away and making up for lost time to Maui with some assistance from the sea, Moana tries to persuade him to give back the heart, however Maui can't, dreading its energy will pull in dull animals. 

Very quickly, conscious coconut privateers called Kakamora encompass the pontoon and take the heart, yet Maui and Moana recover it. Maui consents to give back the heart to Te Fiti, yet simply after he recovers his snare, which is covered up in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters, and held by Tamatoa, a goliath coconut crab. They effectively recover it. Later, Maui shows Moana how to appropriately cruise and explore. They touch base at Te Fiti, where Te Kā assaults. Maui is overwhelmed and Te Kā extremely harms his snare and repulses their pontoon far out to ocean. Expecting that coming back to battle Te Kā will crush his snare, Maui forsakes Moana. 

Distressed, Moana asks the sea to take the heart and pick someone else to return it to Te Fiti. The soul of Tala urges Moana to locate her actual calling inside herself. Moana recovers the heart from the sea and comes back to Te Fiti. Maui, having had a change of heart, comes back to divert the magma devil, and the snare is crushed in the fight. Moana understands that Te Kā is really Te Fiti without her heart. Moana requests that the sea clear a way for Te Kā to approach her. She sings a tune and requests that Te Kā recollect who she genuinely is, permitting Moana to reestablish her heart. Te Fiti returns and in appreciation, gives another kayak to Moana and another mysterious snare to Maui before coming back to her island shape. 

Moana requests that Maui come back to her island with her keeping in mind the end goal to show her kin how to cruise once more, yet Maui grins and answers that her kin as of now have an ace seafarer in Moana. Moana says goodbye to Maui and comes back to her recuperating island. Later, the villagers start voyaging and set sail looking for new islands, as Maui and Tala go with them in their mammoth peddle and manta beam shapes, separately. 

In a post-credits scene, Tamatoa, stranded on his back amid Moana and Maui's escape, protests that individuals would help him on the off chance that he was a Jamaican crab named Sebastian.

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