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The Bad Batch torrent Description:

A post-prophetically catastrophic story set in a Texas no man's land populated by a diverse collection of rough people, including man-eaters.

Genre: Romance
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Bridget Jones's Baby torrent Description:

On her 43rd birthday, Bridget Jones is awoken by her mom who advises her that her an opportunity to have youngsters is running out. She goes to go to the burial service of Daniel Cleaver, who is assumed dead after a plane crash. While there she sees her ex, Mark Darcy, and his new spouse. They chance upon each other fairly fumblingly and afterward go their different ways.

Genre: Romance
Viewed: 1769 | Downloaded: 364

Beauty and the Beast torrent Description:

Debutante, a splendid, wonderful and autonomous young lady, is taken prisoner by a mammoth in its stronghold. In spite of her feelings of dread, she becomes a close acquaintence with the palace's charmed staff and figures out how to look past the brute's repulsive outside, permitting her to perceive the kind complete self of the genuine sovereign that stows away within.

Genre: Romance
Viewed: 2621 | Downloaded: 834

Passengers torrent Description:

On a normal excursion through space to another home, two travelers, dozing in suspended movement, are stirred 90 years too soon when their ship glitches. As Jim and Aurora confront living whatever remains of their lives on board, with each extravagance they would ever request, they start to fall for each other, not able to deny their exceptional fascination... until they find the ship is in grave threat. With the lives of 5000 dozing travelers in question, just Jim and Aurora can spare them all.

Genre: Romance
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